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A Milanese in Boston

I was born and raised in Milan (Italy) where I took a Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.
I moved to Boston on late 2013 and have been living in the Greater Boston area ever since.
I take proud in having extensively traveled my two "homes" Europe and United States of America, and experienced different cultures as Russia, Canada, South Africa, Australia.

Head of Operations

I started working as Politecnico di Milano intern for the Italian Space Agency and then moved into the Consulting Industry working with the some of the most IT-intensive firms in the World.
As Solutions Architect and Team Leader I delivered dozens of successful initiatives for several Fortune 100 companies worldwide, and acted as a mentor for several junior colleagues.
In my current role as Head of Operations I am responsible for an international team of engineers, I manage the hiring process and look for innovation opportunities working as primary point of contact with the most important universities in the Country; I am responsible for the fulfillment of the Company revenue and growth expected results, reporting directly to the Executive Board.

Endurance and Endorphins Addict

I am a total endurance enthusiast, and more in specific I love triathlon, cycling and running. I have completed more than 100 races, including IronMan Nice, Monaco and Maine, Elbaman, Venice Marathon and StraMilano, Nove Colli and the 2008 World Championships of Duathlon.

Endurance taught me to dream big, set ambitous goals and pursue them with determination and discipline.

Want to talk?

Sure, here are some places you can find me at, or public resources about the work I have done.


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